I am a senior undergraduate student at UT Austin. Currently, I am a research assistant at the deep learning lab with Prof. Philipp Krähenbühl. I also work closely with Prof. Katie Bouman and Prof. Yisong Yue at Caltech. My research interest lies in computer vision and imaging.


Nov 2021
"End-to-End Sequential Sampling and Reconstruction for MR Imaging" awarded Best Paper at ML4H Conference 2021. Check out the website for code and more visualizations.
Sep 2021
"Multimodal Virtual Point 3D Detection" accepted for publication at NeurIPS 2021. Paper and code are at URL.
June 2021
Our CenterPoint++ submission ranked 2nd in the CVPR 2021 Waymo Real-time 3D detection challenge. [report] [code]
June 2021
I win the UT Computer Sceince 2021 Best Honor Thesis award!
Mar 2021
"Center-based 3D Object Detection and Tracking" accepted for publication at CVPR 2021. Check out the github repo here.
Dec 2020
We win the NeurIPS 2020 nuScenes 3D Detection challenge. Moreover, 3 out of the top 4 entries use our CenterPoint model!
June 2020
I will join Prof. Yisong Yue's group at Caltech over the summer and work on accelearated MRI with Dr. He Sun, Prof. Yisong Yue, and Prof. Katie Bouman.


End-to-End Sequential Sampling and Reconstruction for MR Imaging
ML4H 2021 (Best Paper Award)
Tianwei Yin*, Zihui Wu*, He Sun, Adrian V. Dalca, Yisong Yue, Katherine L. Bouman
Multimodal Virtual Point 3D Detection
NeurIPS 2021
Tianwei Yin*, Xingyi Zhou, Philipp Krähenbühl
Center-based 3D Object Detection and Tracking
CVPR 2021
Tianwei Yin*, Xingyi Zhou, Philipp Krähenbühl

Adapted from Dr. Vincent Sitzmann's amazing website.